Laura Cid Sagarra

Physician and ergonomist whose creativity resurfaced after starting to illustrate educational stories for her sons. Her projects are memories of experiences, feelings and concerns of every moment of her life empathizing with the environment and the people in it, printing them on different materials.

She uses an abstract and gestural language in which figurative elements are incorporated into a framework of diversity and general inclusion.

The set of his works arises from the need to express the energy, movement, impulses and explosive or calm feelings generated from the soul of a diverse and unique human being in an organized world destined to standard bodies. The importance of collaboration.

A hidden or intuited figuration is sometimes shown. It emerges into abstraction using varied techniques in a different way, often mixed in the same work, incorporating random and working from it as it happens in life situations: a dialogue of overcoming or fusion with that unexpected. A diverse integration of materials in an Artwork as a diverse integration of people in the world. A world made for different people is a better world for everyone.

“Life has taught me to ask for help, that we cannot work and move forward alone and that, if we do not have wings to fly, we must walk”


Active and Upcoming Exhibitions

  • 2023 Souls. Can Punyetes, Barcelona (February-March)

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2022 In praise of shadows. Centre Cívic Sarrià, Barcelona (7-30 November)
  • 2022 An overcoming diary. Col·legi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona (17-30 June)
  • 2020 Dreaming in Tough Times. Can Punyetes, Barcelona
  • 2019 Gothic Quarter. Can Punyetes, Barcelona

Group Exhibitions

  • 2023 Collective exhibition Art Eindhoven 2023, Eindhoven (The Netherlands) (4-5 February)
  • 2022 Collective exhibition. “Body phobia”. Centre Cívic la Barceloneta, Barcelona (24 November- 29 December)
  • 2022 Collective exhibition. Alder Art Studio. Barcelona (2-9 October)
  • 2022 Collective exhibition. Exilis. Centre Cívic la Barceloneta, Barcelona (April)
  • 2022 Collective exhibition. Eindhoven Art Fair (9-10 April)
  • 2021-2022 Collective exhibition of Contemporary Art Autumn and Winter. Abartium Gallery.
  • 2021 Collective exhibition. SIDAV 21 – International Hall of Visual Arts. Barcelona Provincial Council and Abartium Gallery. Montesquiu Castle (Barcelona) (7-29 August)
  • 2021 Collective exhibition. Europ Art Fair. Amsterdam (2-4 July)
  • 2021 Collective exhibition. Abartium Gallery. Calldetenes – Vic (Barcelona) (12 June-3 July)
  • 2021 Collective exhibition. Dones Transitant. Centre Cívic Barceloneta
  • 2020 Sexist Violence Fundrraising Campaign. Reus
  • 2020 Homelessness. Fundraiser for Art Exhibit Event. Wentworth Norton Group Fundation
  • 2020 Together we are one. Swiss Art Expo, Zurich Central Station
  • 2020 Habitar l’espai. Centre Cívic la Barceloneta, Barcelona
  • 2020 Dones Transitant. Centre Cívic la Barceloneta, Barcelona
  • 2019 Gajos de Mandarina. Nau Bòstik, Barcelona
  • 2018 Felipas y Leticios. Nau Bòstik, Barcelona


  • 2023 Poster 13th International Congress and 17th National Ergonomics and Psychosociology. Gijon (Spain)
  • 2022 Poster 12th International Congress and 16th National Ergonomics and Psychosociology. Gijon (Spain)
  • 2021 Painting published in Circle Foundation for the Arts magazine: https://circle-arts.com/spotlight-26/
  • 2021 Painting of the Year nominated. The Netherlands
  • 2021 “Colors”. Music and visual art project created by Nuria Rossy. Montmaneu, Barcelona
  • 2021 Artistic Excelence Award in Circle Foundation for the Arts
  • 2020 Painting of the Year finalist. The Netherlands
  • 2009 “El hechizo de la plastilina”. INSST. Ministerio de Trabajo y Economía Social. Spanish Government.