Drawing holding 5 kg

Load handling is considered when handling a weight greater than 3 kg. According to the INSHT Technical Guide, it would be “any operation of transport or holding of a load by one or more workers, such as lifting, placing, pushing, pulling or moving, which due to its inadequate characteristics involves risks, in particularly dorsolumbar, for workers ”.

The weight that anyone should handle should be the equivalent of 10% of their weight. According to scientific studies, publications and recommendations at the level of reference entities, a person can handle 25 kg as the maximum load in ideal conditions, and up to 40 kg if trained (holding the load with both hands, in the height between hip and elbow, standing position with straight back, no turns, as close as possible to the body …), depending on the frequency and number of times it does so among other factors, as stated previously. In the case at hand and considering that my weight is 49 kg, the load held was a 5 Kg container of water in a totally unfavorable position given I did it at ground level.

Drawing holding 5 Kg

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